CLAY are dedicated to the prevention of psychological, emotional and physical trauma caused by the act of bullying through online, social media and mobile phone activity.

Safety and security.

Our aim is to reduce the risk of young people being exposed to on-line dangers and exploitation, which can lead to violence. We want to safeguard and empower young people where possible from negative cyber activity.

How we deliver.

We do this by providing workshops, training, talks and a range of strategies to educational bodies, professionals and parents as well as providing support for policy reform.

Help us make a difference

We cannot make a change without help, the issues that are becoming more apparent each day are affecting people of all ages. Work with us to make a difference and educate parents and young people to protect and safeguard from on-line abuse.

Let’s create guardianship for the youth.

Nature of virtual relationships

Cyber Bullying is an escalated form of bully tactics, we need to create awareness and reduce the harm being caused through social media platforms.

We need to identify how virtual relationships affect young people and combat the root causes and issues arising from the new technologies in our lives.

Our next event

We are a CIC – a Community Interest Company and holding our first AGM on Wednesday 19 November. On agenda will be discussions about the planning and development of the CLAY campaign and achieving the targets set as well as discussing forthcoming events, workshops and more.

We will update you very soon!

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Find out more about who we are and help us support the young in being safe, confident and free to explore the virtual world.

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