About us

We have recently formed into a CIC – a Community Interest Company and appointed a board of directors.

Eva Wynne Chair and Founder of CLAY.

Bosco Almeida Creative Director, a champion and custodian of the cause.

Lorraine Hession Financial controller and all round number-cruncher.

Sian Pisano CLAY’s youth ambassador and advisor to the board.

Who we are

We are a team of professionals who have come together in response to the severity and dramatic rise of cyber bullying and online exploitation affecting young people today.

We are acutely aware of the impact on the physiological well-being of young people affected by experiences online and how it has infiltrated into all areas of their lives.

The issues surrounding these subjects are numerous and serious. While we acknowledge that the Internet is an amazing place, full of opportunities and information which is here to stay, we also acknowledge its dangers and pitfalls.

Social humiliation and unwanted attention facing children online is devastating and daunting. As responsible adults we come together and instill a process of awareness to create protection against such practices.

By utilising technology, media, law, wisdom, creativity and education we can bring about measures that will educate and inform about the reality of the current situation, thus neutralising and preventing many possible dangers.

Our vision

We envision a world where our youth are safe when using the internet, without being policed and controlled.

It is essential that they are taught the dangers and the implications of their own personal behaviour in regard to their personal safety as well as how their actions online affect others.

At the same time we envision a world where there are safe guards in place by the law-makers, software designers and social networks that effectively track and protect online.